SEDCen is co-managed by the City Government of Legazpi and the Bicol Consortium for Development Initiatives (BCDI), a coalition of social development and church-based organizations based and operating in the Bicol region bonded by a common purpose of improving the quality of life of poor and disadvantaged Bicolanos.

In December 2010, all the SEDCen facilities have been turned over to the City of Legazpi and will be managed under a strategic public-private partnership with the BCDI.

Our Vision

We are a leader in empowering micro and small entrepreneurs and their communities towards sustainable development in the Bicol Region.

What We Offer

Our services shall be in any of four areas of our client’s businesses: Production, Marketing, Management, and Regulatory Compliance.

  • Capacity Building – training, enterprise coaching, model building (technology and processes), business incubation.
  • Development Finance Program – loan facility for working capital, equipment leasing.
  • Business Development Program – consultancy, marketing, as consolidator of products.
  • Research and Development Program – certification; standards; quality control/quality assurance; good manufacturing processes.
  • Business Center Enterprise – enterprise center/ showcase; space leasing; common service facility and shared business center; business incubator; referral center.


The SEDCen develops its programs according to the needs of MEs which are assessed through Focus Group Discussions (FGDs), industry and sub-sector studies and needs assessment. Currently, the three running programs of the SEDCen are the Enterprise Development Programme; the Business Incubation Programme and the Development Finance Program.

  • The Showroom.  Located at the ground floor of the SEDCEN building, it is designed to promote and market products of micro and small entrepreneurs using raw materials and other products from Bicol.  This is open to groups and/or individual micro-entrepreneurs who cannot afford to pay the full cost of a commercial space.  A contract with exhibitors is signed so that they understand and remain true to the SEDCen goal of providing support to MEs.
  • The Business Center.  Provides common service facilities for packaging of food products, state-of-the-art, fully-furnished offices-for-lease and a conference room for business meetings and small group trainings.  It is designed to serve as a one-stop-business centre for micro and small entrepreneurs and individuals/ groups/ institutions supporting micro-enterprise development.
  • The Media Floor.  Houses the various media outfits of the Diocesan Multi-media Services such as Radyo Veritas, Ang Bangraw, Ave Maria Printing Press; all of which are committed towards providing services to SEDCen and MEs in the form of advocacy support mechanisms and social marketing services.
  • The Training Hall.  Has the capacity to host a maximum of 100 participants and it is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and sound system.
  • The SEDCen Hostel. It can accommodate a maximum of 20 guests for stay-in trainings and meetings.

Copyright 2010-2011.
The Philippine Social Enterprise Development Center
All Rights Reserved.

Pictures by Cristina Carranza


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