Manaet Training

Manaet Training


SEDcen and SEDP spent two days during the third week of July in the island of Manaet, approximately one hour from Legazpi city where they have their offices in order to carry out another one of their training exercises to empower local farmers and craftsmen. The aim is to help them developing a specific craft to later on aid them in their direct connection to the market. This is done mainly by contacting potential buyers or by displaying the products in the SEDcen showroom located in Legaspi City.


Among all the activities included, the beneficiaries are expected to learn costing, pricing and marketing skills that would potentially help them when later on interacting with the market independently. Other skills such as saving strategies, financing alternatives and personal development factors are also included in this type of training sessions to make sure that the participants take away from the exercise more than just raw concepts.



The target beneficiaries are selected after careful consideration of several factors including income level, craftsmanship, number of children, index of malnutrition among children and area of residence, this way the organizations can make sure they are contributing to improve the standard of living of communities that suffer from underdevelopment or misinformation, enabling them to better their situation, send their children to school and participate in progress and development.


The helpers or trainers consist of social workers and volunteers who travel to the communities to be able to interact with the affected communities on a direct and personal level so that the feedback from the activity in immediate and accurate and the strategies followed can be implemented the way they were designed to. Any deviation from the initial objectives can be modified quickly and efficiently without wasting necessary resources.

The sponsors vary from project to project. In this specific project, PinoyME and Accenture where the main contributors.









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