Bicol Showroom

The OK Bikol Show Room is located at the ground floor of the SEDCEN building, it is designed to promote and market products of micro and small entrepreneurs using raw materials and other products from Bicol.  This is open to groups and/or individual micro-entrepreneurs who cannot afford to pay the full cost of a commercial space.  A contract with exhibitors is signed so that they understand and remain true to the SEDCen goal of providing support to MEs.

Home of Bicol’s finest products.  A default destination, culture fuses with good taste and crafsmanship.  Truly worth stopping by.

P1210031 P1210033 P1210039 P1210047 P1210045 P1210057 P1210072 P1210075 P1210060 P1210091 P1210087 P1210022 P1210016 P1210008 P1210001 P1200992 P1200972 P1200967


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