Coffee Shop

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Culture.  Community.  Coffee.  These are what our café stands for. We source our coffee beans from Sorsogon and we freshly grind and brew them just before we serve them.


The SEDcen Coffee shop is a small interactive space with free access to WIFI where customers can meet and taste many of the commercial products produced by the beneficiaries and then sold through SEDcen. This way many of our suppliers can gain a direct access to potential consumers.


The cozy artisan decoration provides an “at home” feeling whilst enjoying a warm cup of coffee or the very famous Philippine Bucu shake. Snacks and edible organic products are available for purchase including the well-known Pili nuts in sweet and sour flavors, sweets and pastries and even a selection of liquor suitable for any taste.


Enjoy a cup of freshly-brewed coffee with our very own hopia de pili or indulge in a cup of rich hazelnut-flavored espresso as you surf the net.


Espresso One Shot PhP 35.00
Espresso Double Shot PhP 50.00
Espresso con Panna (espresso w/ whipped cream) PhP 40.00
Café Americano (a shot of espresso diluted w/hot water) PhP 35.00
Brewed Coffee (request if desired w/milk or creamer) PhP 35.00
Café Latte (made w/espresso & steamed milk) PhP 55.00
Café Au Lait (Café Americano & steamed milk) PhP 55.00
Café Mocha (w/espresso, steamed milk, & chocolate syrup) PhP 55.00
Capuccino (w/espresso, steamed milk & your choice of cocoa powder or Cinnamon) PhP 55.00
Crème Caramel Latte (espresso, steamed milk, vanilla & caramel syrup) PhP 65.00
Flavored Capuccino (add flavor to your capuccino… choose from hazelnut, caramel, vanilla & caramella) PhP 65.00
Dolce Latte (espresso, steamed milk, sweetened condensed milk, caramel syrup, chocolate syrup) PhP 65.00
Iced Latte PhP 50.00
Iced Capuccino PhP 60.00
Iced Flavored Capuccino (Hazelnut, Caramel, & Vanilla) PhP 65.00
Iced Crème Caramel Latte PhP 65.00
Iced Café Mocha PhP 65.00
Mocha Rumba (iced blended mocha w/a kick of rhum) PhP 70.00
Mudslide Mocha (a refreshing blend of coffee, chocolate syrup & chocolate cookie) PhP 85.00
Black Forest (just like the popular cake… chocolate shavings and cherry on top) PhP 85.00
Rocky Road (playful mixed of coffee, & chocolate topped w/marshmallows) PhP85.00






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